One-minute time out

“Gratitude heals, energises and transforms lives.”
Dr.Robert Emmons

Commit to doing a one-minute breath awareness practice several times a day or when you are at your most stressed.

Breath awareness practices are just that. No changes are made. Just feel and observe.

Before you do this drink a glass of water.

“Dehydration of 1 percent to 2 percent of body weight begins to compromise physiologic function and negatively influences performance during exercise (Volpe, Kristen, & Bland, 2009).”

Appreciate and acknowledge the 1 minute.
Be grateful for the timeout
Tune into the feeling of your breath
Feel the breath coming into your body
Feel the breath leaving the body
Don’t force, don’t change, don’t worry if you are doing it right
Don’t think you’re trying to feel something special or super-natural
Just feel the breath moving in and moving out

After one minute
Notice where your mind is focused
Notice how you feel in your body
Be grateful for what you can do
Keep a diary about what you are good at in climbing.

Being grateful has a very positive effect which has been scientifically proven.

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